Fresh, colorful and inexpensive, herbs have a more and more prominent place in kitchen designing these days. By incorporating them in your kitchen, you can enjoy green products and unparalleled freshness all year around!

Whether it’s on the counter, on the windowsill or integrated into custom trays, herbs definitely have their place in any kitchen décor. You can create very original arrangements when planting herbs in Mason jars or fixing the pots on a board screwed to the wall. Plus, the green touch adds a nice accent color!


You can grow dozens of varieties of herbs on the same dedicated space. Chives, mint and basil pair up with many everyday dishes and in addition to adding flavor and an interesting flavor, you can maintain them easily.

Herbs are fairly robust plants. They grow well in various soil conditions but good drainage and a slightly acidic to neutral soil is recommended. Keep the soil moist, do not put too much water and spray them occasionally. You can also incorporate some indoor plants fertilizer in the soil and make sure there is a good amount of light in you kitchen.

How about you: what herbs are you going to add in your kitchen?

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