We blogged about it after our visit to EuroCucina in Milan; open cabinets, niches and visible shelves in the kitchen are quickly gaining in popularity!  What a wonderful idea to put focus on our most stylish flatware or just to make sure our cabinets stay organized. 

More oftenly, the top kitchen cabinets will benefit from the open space rather than the bottom ones. But sometimes, we incorporate open shelves in the island as we can see in this rough chic urban-style kitchen.

Shelves on kitchen island

Decorating the open shelves on the kitchen island
Image: Decoist.com

In a modern-style kitchen, we will display our most beautiful flatware and arrange it together by color in an orderly matter.

Open shelves in a modern kitchen


And if we own color contrasting ustensils and accessories, we’ll find the perfect spot for them to shine within the cabinets and shelves decoration.

Open cabinets decoration
Image: SarahShermanSamuel.com


“And what if I own mixed-color flatware and accessories?” you might ask… No problem! Embrace the eclectic style and turn your space around whenever you feel like it just by changing some bowls, pots or vases!

Mixed color kitchen accessories as decoration
Image: ArchitectureArtDesigns.com

Eclectic style flatware
Image: blog.JelanieShop.com

And for even more contrast, use paint or even wallpaper to cover the inside of the cabinets or the island shelves!

Painted inside cabinets
Image: TatertotsAndJello.com

Painted back of the kitchen cabinets
Image: BHG.com

Open kitchen cabinets with painted insides
Image: JessicaGlynn.com

Ready for a change in your kitchen? Give our designers a call!

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