Clear, clean and inviting, the Scandinavian style kitchens are meant to be places where to gather friends and family. These living spaces are always functional and simple.

Usually created around an open-space concept, Scandinavian kitchen often overlooks the living room, the dining room or the children’s playroom. For storage, we try to avoid the loss of space and focus on efficient walking-around patterns.

Scandinavian kitchen with blue cabinetsSource:

As for colors, simplicity is key! The floors are highlighted using pale tones and very little textures to add a warm touch. We usually try to use natural materials like wood to cover the floors.

Scandinavian kitchen with wood floorsSource:

As for the kitchen cabinets, we’re using a lot of white matte finish and a little natural shades. Gray or black cabinets are also possible with the scandinavian style, but less frequent since we tend to go towards a lighter look. We can add shapes and colors to the backsplash, contrasting with the very sleek cabinets and general style.

Geometrical patterns on kitchen backsplashSource:

Black & White tiles in a scandinavian style kitchenSource:

Scandinavian kitchen with a marble backsplashSource:

You like the Scandinavian inspired look? We can help you realize your project! Contact a kitchen designer and start planning your new kitchen!

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