Modern Bathroom in Europeen Laminate

Modern bathroom produces a peaceful and soft feeling. Its clean lines and minimal colors certainly help to get this homely atmosphere, while offering an outstanding functional design.

European laminate is a hot cabinetry trend, notably because it’s durable and because its surface can be maintained very easily. It also gives your bathroom a relaxing appearance, which makes it the ideal choice for enhancing any modern décor. This type of material is distinguishable from single melamine since you can add your favourite printed pattern on it. Indeed, your bathroom vanities could get any texture you may prefer. For instance, we opted here for a pale wood-coloured motif, in order to create a calm and serene environment.

In a perfect accord with sophisticated styles, modern bathrooms can easily be matched with Quartz countertops for the master bathroom – prime example – and Euro-laminate countertops for the shower room, but with the same printed look.