There is a long history of using edible flowers in cooking and baking. Whether fresh, dried, infused, or powdered, these types of flowers have been cultivated and appreciated since Greek Antiquity.

Offering foodies a lovely pop of floral colour, fragrance, and flavour contemporary chefs often use flowers as a tasty topping or a lovely garnish on plates. Here are some beautiful and delicious edible flower options that are sure to impress your family and guests!


Raw or cooked, the daylily is tasty and has a great crunchy texture. It’s lovely mixed into a tartar, olive oil sauce, marinated, or even on Carpaccio!



Well-known and easily found in all plant nurseries, this flower is often used as decoration and blends perfectly with fruit salads or smoked salmon!



With its attractive orange-yellow hue, the nasturtium is the perfect flower to brighten up any salad. Its surprisingly spicy taste, can also jazz up many freshwater fish dishes. It’s definitely worth a try!



The carnation’s citrus scent makes it perfect to pair with poultry or to marinate cured salmon. Use carnations at your next house party to decorate your signature cocktail, this is sure to impress your guests!


Once you’ve mastered these edible flowers, why not move on to daisies, rose petals, tulips, or zucchini flowers… There are many more lovely edible flower choices out there. Fill your garden with edible flowers this summer and add a little spice and colour every plate!

What are your favourite varieties of flowers you use in the kitchen or elsewhere?

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