Whether you are building new or renovating your existing home, planning for an outdoor kitchen is a great way to customize your outdoor living space.

Just like your interior kitchen, an “L” or “U” design with a central island can make an outdoor kitchen much more practical, ergonomic and user-friendly, especially when you’re entertaining guests.

First of all, it’s important to consider the kind of grill or appliances you’ll need.

  • What do you like to cook?
  • For how many people (week and weekend)?
  • Do you prefer gas, coal or both types of grills?
  • Do you need a refrigerator? A simk?

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It should not be forgotten that the installation of an outdoor kitchen is permanent, and that it’s necessary to choose wisely, starting with the selection of top-quality reliable grills and electrical goods.

Also to keep in mind:

  • Countertop area is a must
  • Prepare the gas, water and drain for the sink
  • The choice of durable materials requiring little maintenance
  • Know the difference between access doors and cabinets for proper and clean storage
  • The installation must be designed on a solid and stable foundation to reduce the risk of cracking countertops

It’s important to remember that the installation of an outdoor kitchen is pretty permanent. It’s ok to take your time, choose wisely, and invest in the selection of top-quality reliable grills and accessories.

Also to keep in mind:

Plan on including countertop if its a large scale outdoor kitchen, entertaining is important
Consider gas, water and drainage hook-ups in your initial planning stages
Chose durable construction materials that requires little maintenance
The installation must take place on a solid and stable foundation to reduce the risk of damaging your countertop

One of the most commonly asked questions our designer’s get when addressing an outdoor kitchen is… “is a roof required”? Well, the answer is no, but note it can make the space more enjoyable, and practical especially during rainy or snowy seasons.
Of course, the best way to ensure you get the outdoor kitchen design that meets all your expectations is to call in your kitchen specialists.

We often work with our friends at Station Grill. They can work with our designers to establish your needs in order to advise on the best outdoor kitchen configurations, and appliance choices. Ensuring your outdoor kitchen is as beautiful and welcoming as your interior kitchen design.
Take a look at the 2017 trends! You’ll fall in love with the ice cube tray and planter boxes built into the countertops, with or without LED lighting.

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